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About Us

Navigate Pte Ltd was founded in 1991, specializes in the maintenance, and repair of all marine electronics. Services include :

  • Emergency service cover for ships' Communications and Navigation equipment.
  • Maintenance and repair services for a broad range of commercial marine electronics equipment.
  • Supply and installation of communications and navigation equipment.
  • Project management.
  • Systems integration System commissioning and acceptance testing.
  • Training and follow-up operational support.
  • GMDSS shore based maintenance contracts.
  • Classification Society Radio Surveys.
  • Radio System Communication products.

Navigate has a dedicated team of engineers, each has received comprehensive training, and has developed a vast store of experience in commercial marine electronics.

Our Acheivements

With the Republic of Singapore Navy

  • Servicing of the Gyro-compass onboard the Sea Wolf Class, Missile Gun Boats; County Class, Landing Ship Tanks; and the Swift Class, Coastal Patrol Crafts.
  • Servicing & repair of AEG Static Inverter system, and EuoAltas Static Inverter System onboard the Sea Wolf Class, Missile Gun Boats.
  • Commissioning of the Auto-Pilot, Magnetic Compass, Anemometer, and Speed Log for the Fearless Class, Patrol Vessels.
  • Installation & Commissioning of the Muzzle Velocity Radar.
  • Installation & Commissioning of LCD Modification Kit for the Kelvin Hughes Radars.

With the Singapore Coast Guards

  • Maintenance contract for the Radar system.
  • Maintenance contract for the Xenon Searchlight system.
  • Maintenance contract for Lyngso Engine Monitoring system.
  • Servicing of Gyro Compass.

With the Commercial Shipping Industry

  • Shipping Owners - supply, install, service and repair all Communications and Navigational equipment on board.
  • Sembawang Maritime Shipyard - service and repair all Communications and Navigational equipment, Motorola walkie talkie, etc.
  • Caltex Singapore - sales, service and repair of Motorola walkie talkie.
  • PSA Corporation - supply and repair the Kanno PA/Paging System for the Quay crane and T.T. crane.
  • Samarang Plathform (Sarawak Shell) - Gas Engine Driven Crude Oil Pump.
  • Sandakan Power Station - Oil Separator System.
  • Larut (Exxon Production Platform) - Engine Driven Fire Pump Pakage.
  • Caltex - 500HP Crude Oil Transfer Pump.
  • Keppel Fel (OTD) - Supply and commissioning all new Rigs jacking motors system.

With the Telecommunication Industry

  • Lucent Technologies Singapore - Testing and commissioning of the SDH system, Anymedia, ADM 16/1, etc.
  • Starhub project - Core network Fiber
  • Lucent Technologies Taiwan - testing and commissioning of the SDH system, Board band, HDSL, ADSL system, etc.

With the Government Linked Corporations

  • Singapore Technologies Electronics - NPP project, Island-wide Radio, etc
  • Singapore Technologies Marine - service and repair all Communications and Navigational equipment on board vessel.

With the Goft Driving Ranges

  • Install, Test and Commisision FLIGHTSCOPE, a real-time, 3-D golf ball tracking systems in Singapore, Bangkok, and Hong Kong
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