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Pacer Plus Easily Licensed Radio
Pacer Plus Easily Licensed Radio
Pacer Plus
Pacer PlusEasy- To-Use Simple-to-use navigation button allow users to quickly scroll through the user channel. The large alphanumeric display allows easy readability of text and numbers. User can now access to other channels and return to the prime channel instantly at the push of a button. Efficient Set up talkgroup/users with unique PL/DPL to prevent unwanted conversation on the same frequency. The scanning features allow users to monitor activities on different communication channels so that important message will not be missed. Nuisance channel delete allow users to temporarily remove the unwanted calls in the scan list, enhancing the radio operational efficiency. Adjustable squelch level setting eliminates unwanted signals and noise to improve audio clarity. Reliable Meets MIL-STD 810C, D and E General Specifications


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